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Flower Delivery in Bulgaria - Local Florists

Flowers are symbolic in Bulgaria and they are part of the local culture and way of life. Many religious events and rituals take place throughout the year, and different flowers are used to mark the different traditions and celebrations. That is why flowers in Bulgaria are used to convey emotions and sentiments, and people here love gifting flowers to one another when there is an occasion to commemorate. With various name days and celebrations throughout the year, there is always a good reason for you to send flowers to Bulgaria with Mondial Flowers.

Flower Delivery Bulgaria

Mondial Flowers understands the importance of flowers in communities, and we provide a flower delivery service in Bulgaria that is available to order online all year round. You can browse our website conveniently, select the flowers you wish to send, and proceed with ordering flowers for delivery. We ensure each delivery is done on time by a local florist in the area. We have a network of florists committed to Bulgaria flower delivery, no matter what the occasion is. Our service ensures that your chosen flowers arrive to the recipient in perfect condition, so celebrations can commence, with flowers enhancing the atmosphere.

Send Flowers Bulgaria

You are only a click away from sending flowers to Bulgaria! Visit Mondial Flowers and order online from our website. We make it really easy for customers to place orders through our website, not to mention that the payment process is highly secure. We invite you to browse our website and place your order online with just a few easy steps. If you need any assistance, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Sending flowers online is a comfortable experience with Mondial Flowers. Embrace modern technology and send flowers online to Bulgaria from the comfort of your home or office. 

Of course, most customers who are sending flowers internationally have no other option but to order online for worldwide delivery! If you are living far away from your recipient, then sending flowers with Mondial Flowers will solve your problems whilst guaranteeing high quality flowers and timely delivery.

Flowers in Bulgaria

There are many types of flowers you can choose from on our website. Your choice should depend on the occasion you are sending flowers for, as well as the personal tastes of the recipient who will be receiving the flowers. With such a variety of options available on our online flower shop, we are sure you will find what you’re looking for, whether you are browsing by occasion or by category. 

Here are some options of different floral products we have available on Mondial Flowers:

  • Bouquets: Our flower bouquets to Bulgaria include mixed flowers and vibrant colours. Each bouquet creates a significant moment in the hands of your loved ones. Our bouquets are hand-arranged and delivered by local florists, who will design hand-tied or wrapped bouquets depending on availability and what goes best with the flower design they will create. Not sure which bouquet to choose from our vast selection? No worries, you can request a Florist Choice bouquet to leave it up to the florist to use their expertise and creativity to design a bouquet especially for you!
  • Basket Arrangements: Send flower baskets to Bulgaria with Mondial Flowers, with a variety of options available to suit all seasons and occasions. We have a sweet Baby Girl Basket with Toy for new baby occasion, as well as a Grand Hamper to say congratulations or thank you. These floral gifts are also hand-arranged by florists, but instead of taking the shape of bouquets, they will be designed as basket arrangements. The baskets shown in the photos on our website are guidelines, and florists may use a different kind of basket depending on availability in their shops.
  • Vase Arrangements: It’s very important to note that most bouquets found on our website do not come with a vase included. Should you wish to have bouquets delivered with a vase, then you will need to order the vase separately as an add-on. However, we do have a section on our website that allows you to choose flowers that come in a vase so you don’t have to order the vase separately. Order flowers in a vase in Bulgaria for a special occasion, and florists will deliver a beautiful arrangement to your loved ones.

For all flower gifts above, please keep in mind that the actual flowers delivered depend on local and seasonal availability. As per disclaimers we have on each product page, it is important to note that substitutions may occur by florists, but rest assured that any flowers substituted will always be equal in value and quality, and florists will do their utmost to keep the same colour scheme requested in the order.

Order flowers to Bulgaria with delivery - Mondial Flowers has a huge selection of different kinds of flower products you can choose from, and delivery will be handled by our staff members and network of florists.

Plant Delivery in Bulgaria

We don’t just have fresh flowers available to order, but also green and flowering plants, as well as plant arrangements. Whether you need to send an Anthurium Plant as a new home gift, or a Lush Plant Basket with a variety of plants included to congratulate someone on their graduation or for Easter, you can find all kinds of plants in between. Browse our collection of plant gifts and send plants to Bulgaria for a long-lasting gift.

Bulgaria Florist

As an online Bulgaria florist, Mondial Flowers receives orders for delivery, and relays the orders to a local florist network. We have florists in Bulgaria working with us and ensuring flowers are delivered on behalf of our customers right on time. Our florists have many years of experience in carrying out deliveries for international customers, and they adhere to high standards of quality and freshness. These florists are skilled designers and they are proud of their floral creations. We understand that when you can’t be at a local florist shop yourself, it can be difficult to place your trust in a network. That is why we make sure that the florists working with us are the very best in their industry. With our Bulgaria florist online service, you can easily send flowers to someone special across the world.

Flower Shops in Bulgaria

In order to try and replicate the experience of buying from a local flower shop in Bulgaria, Mondial Flowers has this online shop where customers can browse bouquets and arrangements from the convenience of their home. We know it’s not the same as going to a local florist and browsing their shop to actually see and smell the fresh flowers they have available, but for most customers who live far away from their loved ones, ordering online is the best option. It’s not just convenient to have an online Bulgaria flower shop to buy flowers, but essential. When ordering from Mondial Flowers, delivery will be done by florists from local physical flower shops in Bulgaria.

Funeral Flower Delivery in Bulgaria

Send your condolences during difficult times, and provide your support to those who have lost someone special to them. One of the best ways to do so is by sending sympathy flowers to Bulgaria, as flowers allow you to speak a thousand words. We know how delicate this matter is, and we make it as easy as possible to pay tribute to the departed. In addition to sympathy flowers, we also guarantee funeral flowers delivered in Bulgaria. In the order checkout process, it’s important that you let us know the name of the deceased and the date and time of the funeral, so we make sure that florists deliver in time. Whether it’s a wreath such as our white Commemoration funeral wreath, or a spray such as our Reminiscent funeral spray, the most important thing is to send flowers to a funeral to express your condolences.

Birthday Flowers Delivered in Bulgaria

Add a touch of beauty to someone’s birthday celebration with birthday flower delivery in Bulgaria. Different individuals have different tastes and preferences, so we have created a large collection of birthday bouquets our customers can choose from. They range from a Gerbera Daisy Flowers bouquet with multi-coloured gerberas, to a Colourful bouquet with mixed flowers, or perhaps you’re in need of something more elegant such as our Classic Rose Lily Bouquet. Choose a bouquet from our wonderful collection, and make someone’s birthday feel truly special with birthday flowers, which will be hand-delivered by a local florist.

Valentine's Day Roses to Bulgaria

14th February is when local flower shops come to life with a burst of roses. To express your romantic sentiments, choose a bouquet of red roses from our selection. From a simple yet classic 3 Red Roses to Bulgaria, to a stunning and elegant 100 Rose Bouquet and every number in between, you can surprise your sweetheart with a romantic bouquet. Why not add a box of chocolates or a teddy bear to your order? You can choose any of these two items as an add-on to your flowers, or choose a single red rose with a teddy bear from our selection, such as our Sweetest floral gift, or our Red Berry gift. The only difference between these two products is the colour of the teddy bear.

Choose any of our Valentine bouquets for flowers that speak the language of love, and order with Mondial Flowers for a timely delivery service.

Flowers for Women's Day to Bulgaria

Women’s Day on 8th March is a special occasion in Bulgaria, so it’s essential to send Women’s Day flowers to Bulgaria to show your admiration. Send a bouquet of fresh flowers for the special occasion of Women’s Day, and show your appreciation towards the women in your life. Through Mondial Flowers, you can order a stunning range of bouquets, such as our Pink and Purple Tulips in Bulgaria. This occasion also marks the blooming of spring flowers, so there are various spring bouquets available for delivery during this time. Our Blush roses arrangement is also a favourite amongst customers. There are so many bouquets and vase arrangements you can choose from. We are sure that the recipient will absolutely cherish the flowers she receives from the local florist. Long-lasting freshness and top quality is our priority.

Order flower delivery in Bulgaria for Women’s Day, and we guarantee delivery on 8th March. Since florists will be very busy during this period, we ask you to place your orders for this occasion at least 3 days in advance. The same can be applied to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas orders anywhere worldwide.

Sending Flowers to Bulgaria for Christmas

Christmas flower centerpieces and poinsettia arrangements - what a wonderful way to start off the festive season in December! Whether you need flowers delivered closer to Christmas or would like to surprise your friends and family with an advent gift, be sure to have Christmas flowers delivered in Bulgaria to the very doorstep of your loved ones. Various fresh flowers and plants are available for this occasion, so browse our collection to send a Christmas Poinsettia to Bulgaria, or rely on the expertise of the florists and order a Christmas Florist Choice bouquet.

Send Flowers for Easter in Bulgaria

Another special occasion which is popular in Bulgaria is Easter. This occasion is significant both in the religious world and in the floral world. As fresh spring flowers start to bloom, they symbolize renewal and revival. It’s why customers love to send our Flowers for Easter bouquet, since it is composed of daffodils and tulips, both of which are spring blooming flowers. This bouquet also comes in yellow and purple, which are the colours associated with Easter. With a reliable delivery service, sending flowers for Easter to Bulgaria with Mondial Flowers is highly recommended.

What other occasions can I order flowers to Bulgaria for?

There are many other occasions you can send flowers to Bulgaria for, some of which we have as collections on our website, such as new baby, get well, or anniversary flowers to Bulgaria. Our website is available online all year, and deliveries take place from Monday to Saturday, so you can be sure to order flowers for your occasion and be able to have it delivered on the date you request. 

Then there are celebrations which are regionally specific and therefore we do not have a collection of flowers specific for those occasions. However, you can browse the bouquets and arrangements we have available throughout our website and we’re sure you will find something that is appropriate to send, whatever the occasion is. 

Important celebrations in Bulgaria include:

  • St Basil’s Day: Celebrated on new year’s day, 1st January, people exchange gifts on St Basil’s Day as well as decorate their homes with flowers. Sending flowers for St Basil’s Day to Bulgaria is a heartfelt gesture that will be appreciated by your Bulgarian friends and family. This occasion doubles up as a Name Day as well, and you can send flowers to people whose name is Vasil, Vasilena, and their derivatives. 
  • Name Days: In addition to the above-mentioned name day, there are various other name days in Bulgaria throughout the year. Bulgarians value Name Days and they are as cherished as birthdays. Sending flowers to Bulgaria for someone’s name day is a thoughtful way to extend your good wishes.

Whether you need flowers delivered for Name Days, St Basil’s Day, or any other occasion whatsoever, take a look at Mondial Flowers and find a bouquet of flowers to send to someone special.

What is the national flower of Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian Rose is the national flower of Bulgaria, also known as the Balkan Damask Rose. Its delicate petals and sweet fragrance makes it very valuable and important to local sentiments. It’s a very popular flower to use in all kinds of celebrations in Bulgaria, including weddings, St Basil’s Day, and various events that take place both in the public sphere and in private homes. The Bulgarian Rose is incredibly symbolic to the Bulgarian people and it holds significance in the country’s culture and history.

What flowers are popular in Bulgaria?

In addition to the Bulgarian Rose, there are various other flowers which are popular:

  • Tulips: Tulips are very popular during the spring season. They come in a variety of colours and are widely gifted across the country, let alone the world. You can send Pink Tulips to Bulgaria for Women’s Day on 8th March, for instance, or choose a bouquet of Mixed Tulips instead, for a more vibrant gift to celebrate the occasion. Moreover, Yellow Tulips in Bulgaria are the perfect gift for Easter.
  • Carnations: Carnations are found in many of our mixed bouquets. They are available in a variety of colours, making them a versatile gift for many occasions. White carnations are associated with sympathy and funeral flowers, whereas pink carnations are more suitable for Women’s Day. On the other hand, red carnations can be an alternative to the traditional red rose on Valentine’s Day, since red carnations symbolize love and romance, as indicated by our Deep Love bouquet full of beautiful carnations.
  • Lilies: Lilies are an elegant flower, and their significance depends on the colour of the lily flower. White lilies represent purity and innocence, whereas orange lilies represent enthusiasm and energy. Choose a lily bouquet depending on the occasion. For instance, send White and Yellow Lilies to Bulgaria for Easter, or Yellow Liliums to wish someone a speedy recovery. On the other hand, Casablanca Lilies are appropriate to express condolences, and a Stargazer Bouquet will make anyone beam with joy on Women’s Day.
  • Orchids: Orchids are always growing in popularity, and customers love to send orchids when the occasion is an elegant one. We have potted orchids available for delivery, so you can send a white Orchid Plant to Bulgaria, or choose to send a Pink Orchid instead.
  • Lavender: Lavender has an aromatic allure, and it is widely cultivated in Bulgaria. Lavender is popular for its healing properties and is available in many shops, not just flower shops.
  • You can send many kinds of fresh flowers and plants to your loved ones in Bulgaria. Simply browse our website and order a variety of flowers online.

How can I send flowers to Bulgaria?

Sending flowers to Bulgaria is as easy as can be with our online flower shop at Mondial Flowers. We allow customers to choose from a diverse range of plants and bouquets, and the order is placed online with ease. The checkout process is a breeze; all you have to do is make sure that you fill in all the required details correctly, to avoid any unnecessary delivery delays. Mondial Flowers ensures that you can send flowers to Bulgaria hassle-free.

Can I send flowers to Bulgaria from the UK?

Yes, you can definitely send flowers to Bulgaria from the UK, or anywhere else you are located. We provide international flower delivery, so that customers from across the world can send flowers to their loved ones. We have a reliable florist network so that flowers are guaranteed to arrive at the recipient's doorstep by hand. If you want to send flowers from the UK to Bulgaria, then you are at the right place!

Can I order same day flower delivery to Bulgaria?

Yes, you can easily order same day flower delivery in Bulgaria if you wish to have flowers delivered on the same day, But hurry up, since the deadline to order delivery for the same day is 13:00 CET! There is no extra cost for same day delivery.